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artist profiles:
artist: 4m33s style: minimal experimental ambient
personnel: John Sherwood 
4m33s tries to convey the experimental/ ambient feeling of those early electronic pioneers, but using modern equipment and methods. Somehow lost in a drifty/ spacey world, and occasionally breaking through into  beaty solo madness
sampler: 001 track: Daliesque in Steel - new studio version of a piece composed for 4m33s appearance at the Awakenings in December 2006.
artist: Xan Alexander style: melodic sequencer based
Xan is a founder member of The Omega Syndicate but also composes and produces his own brand of Electronic Music with influences ranging from Berlin School, Prog Rock and Dance Music. He is currently working on the foll-up to his debut album, 'Star Dark'.
sampler: 001 Track: Layla's Theme - originally from Xan's debut solo album 'Star Dark'.
artist: Create style: melodic sequencer based music
personnel: Steve Humphries
Create records melodic based sequencer music in a similar vein to '70s artists like Tangerine Dream or Klaus Schulze, but with a more modern twist. Create uses a mixture of hardware and software to sculpt his sound both in the studio and live. Create is signed to the Dutch label Groove Unlimited with whom he has so far released 3 albums.
sampler: 001 track: Goodbye - Goodbye was recorded as a tribute to the late American musician Michael Garrison. The track is from the 2nd Create album 'From Earth To Mars'
artist: Peter Challoner   style: contemporary ambient
personnel: Peter Challoner 
Peter Challoner is an electronic musician from the UK creating textural ambient and rhythmic contemporary electronic music.
sampler: a001 track: 1 'convergance'
artist: Chromengel style: spacey ambient
personnel: Stuart Judd
Chromengel, named after a piece on the Klaus Schulze album 'Cyborg' is a one-man organisation. It is electronically oriented and tries to achieve the atmosphere if not the sound of '70s and '80s electronic music. Electronic music like it used to be.
sampler: 001 track: Floes (edit) - The inspiration to record this came after playing around with a ring modulator. It started as one thing but came out in the end as something else completely different. Icy and beatless.
artist: Corporation  style: melodic/ sequencer
personnel: Adam Britton
Corporation was formed in 1991 by Adam Britton and Iain Lowe, to make high quality, instrumental electronic music with the emphasis on “music”. They released 3 albums: Dark Destiny (1991), Subculture (1992) (with Peter Tunney) and Breed (1994). Corporation then broke up, but after a decade of silence Adam has resurrected Corporation’s name and style and currently has a new album slated for release later in 2007, accompanied by remastered versions of the first three albums.
Sampler: 001 track:  Remaining Humanity  
artist: Gliese 614 style: experimental/ drone/ space music with medieval influences
personnel: Ben
Gliese 614 makes underground electronic music with dark themes and long titles. Ben believes that in the end the music should do the talking.
sampler: 001 track: Stranded (edit) - Full title 'Stranded on the lifeless crater of Copernicus, Kirkjubøur Funeral Ceremony' from the album 'Unrelenting Sorrow, Astral Teleportation between the Earth and the Moon'. There is a video for this album on YouTube.
artist: Hashtronaut style: space rock meets Berlin School 
personnel: Hashy
There's not a whole lot you can say about Hashtronaut, he just does what he does. He enjoys making long drawn out music that isn't in a particular rush to get anywhere. He also has an interest in the long tradition of the liquid lightshow, which accompanies him on his increasingly rare live outings. He is currently in the early stages of forming an online micro-label, 'FRR' (Flightlog Restricted Recordings) that will be releasing 'anything I find good and interesting' in limited quantities. 
sampler: 001 track: Bottle Universe (concatenated mix) - originally from the album Bottle Universe, shortened version created for this sampler by Jez Creek.
artist: Modulator ESP style: dark ambient/ experimental/ sequencer
personnel: Jez Creek
Modulator ESP's music is improvised live onstage or in the studio using both analog and digital synthesizers together with analog sequencers. His  pieces are like abstract journeys into the imagination.
sampler: 001 track: Chromium - This track was one of Modulator ESP's first studio improvisations and eventually ended up on his fourth album Time Zero.
sampler: a001 track: Gravity Well, an improvise piece using Korg Wavestation and Nord G2 with Repeater to loop layers of textures, produced specially for the sampler.
artist: The Omega Syndicate style: melodic/ sequencer/ progressive/ space rock 
personnel: Dave Gurr, Xan Alexander, Rob Clynes and others.
The Omega Syndicate are an ever expanding group of musicians who create "progressive" sequence-based electronic music. Founder members David Gurr & Xan Alexander work within various line-ups, to take the listener to landscapes that can only be seen with the imagination.
sampler: 001 track: Sequencing On A Grand Scale (edit) - recorded at the Mind Cavern in 2003, the full version was released on the special limited edition album 'Sequences, chords and Leeds'.
artist: Phrozenlight style: spacescapes; long drones, ambient, dreamy electronic space music
personnel: Bert Hulshoff
Phrozenlight's music is a soundtrack to a dream without movements. A sonorous universe; that moves, but carefully, as if hooked in a cosmic ball which derives in a deep space. A lot of Phrozenlight's music is available for free download at the Internet Archive.
sampler: 001 track: At The Shore Of Antares - specially recorded for theis project.
artist: Brendan Pollard style: atmospheric Berlin School with analogue sequences and lots of real Mellotron
Brendan is half of the band Rogue element and also records and performs as a solo artist. He is currently working on a new solo album, the follow-up to his extremely well received debut 'Expansion'.
sampler: 001 track: Modac - originally released on the album Awakenings 2006 Volume Two.
artist: Spiraleye   style: contemporary improvised electronic music
personnel: Neale Haddon (guitars/processing & guitar synthesizer) and Peter Challoner (keyboards, synthesizers & rhythm programming)
The principal element to spiraleye music was the spontaneous creation through playing and responding to one another in a live situation
sampler: a001 track: 3 & 4 'dissolution' and 'stillness after dark'
artist: Von Haulshoven style: 'Stone Age' sequencing
personnel: Eppie E Hulshof
Eppie, from Grunn in North Holland, doesn't believe in any of that fashion shit, just "bonking" sequences and smack you in the face effects!
sampler: 001 track: Hunebed Roll Sequence - Hunebed Roll Sequence is the first part of a long piece with Von Haulshoven's non stop sequenced stone age electronic music.
artist: Zeitlos style:  ambient/ sequencer/ experimental
personnel:  Phil Booth
Zeitlos is a new name for a new project
sampler: 001 track: Blue (edit) The track 'Blue' came about by accident. It was literally out of the blue. The sequence came first and materialised out of a search to find a sound for another track I was working on. As is often the case I was sidetracked by this sequence, liked it and recorded it for use at a later date. It was finished some weeks later, the end being completed first and the beginning being completed last.
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