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neusonik.a001 ambient music sampler
Free download to promote 'ambient at the gallery'
download neusonik.a001 zip file (from rapidshare)
(file is protected, contact us for password)
peter challoner - convergence [17:11] Click to stream 'convergence'
modulator esp - gravity well [22:44] Click to stream 'gravity well'
spiraleye - dissolution [7:00] Click to stream 'dissolution
spiraleye - stillness after dark [6:56] Click to stream 'stillness after dark'

neusonik.001 electronic music sampler

download neusonik.001 zip file (from rapidshare)
(file is protected, contact us for password)
Chromengel - Floes [00:00]
Zeitlos - Blue [05:19]
4m33s - Daliesque in Steel [11:17
Brendan Pollard - Modac [17:35]
Gliese 614 - Stranded [23:06]
Hashtronaut - Bottle Universe (concatenated mix) [29:54]
Create - Goodbye [35:25]
The Omega Syndicate - Sequencing On A Grand Scale [40:12]
Phrozenlight - At The Shore Of Antares [45:38]
Eppie E Hulshof - Hunebed Roll Sequence [51:45]
Xan Alexander - Layla's Theme [57:00]
Corporation - Remaining Humanity [61:38]
Modulator ESP - Chromium [68:15]

mp3 is recorded as a continuous mix, numbers in brackets are track start times
special thanks to all artists who contributed.
Create appears courtesy of Groove
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